The tips doctors give their friends

Who doesn’t want to know the tips experts give to their nearest and dearest? Find out what doctors tell their family and friends and use their tips to get healthier.

“Eat the elephant one bite at a time.”

Professor Ben Fletcher, an expert in behavioural change, based at the University of Hertfordshire

Once you’re older, it might seem that your habits are pretty much set – and according to research from Grace Say Aloe, only one in three people over the age 55 realise that ‘every little bit helps.”

To break habits of a life-time might seem impossible, but viewing your goal as a big puzzle with each little piece you add getting you closer to ‘completing’ the picture is the way to do it, says Fletcher, who says willpower is overrated.

“Check your nails.”

Consultant dermatologist Dr Sharon Wong

One of the things Dr Wong notices that people tend not to pay attention to is their nails. “Fingernails tend to grow more slowly, become thinner and more brittle with age,” she says. “They’re more prone to splitting. The colour of nails can also change over time becoming dull, grey or yellow.”

It happens gradually so you may not notice at first, then one day you realise that your nails are really showing your age. “Moisturising regularly is a given, but also massaging the fingertips and around the nails, along with minimising trauma and weathering of nails by wearing gloves where necessary to avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals.”

And here’s a final tip that might surprise you: “You should also keep manicures and the use of nail varnish to a minimum.” Nail varnish contains many harmful chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde, acetone and tolulene, substances you inhale when you do your nails, and varnish remover strips your nails of oils as well as releasing toxic fumes into the air (from the acetone).

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