Scalp Scrubs For Hair Growth And Dandruff: Do They Work?

Whether you’re sulphate-free or not, shampoo is one of those things that none of us can live without. The feeling of soft, freshly-washed hair is probably the best thing to come from a shower (except maybe nestling under the covers with a pair of baby-smooth pins), but is our shampoo taking good enough care of our scalps? Often overlooked and neglected, the skin underneath our hair is kind of where healthy, luscious hair starts - and if you’re battling dandruff, hair loss or greasy locks, giving your scalp some TLC may just change your mane game for good.

Scalp scrubs have been popping up from some of our most beloved haircare brands for a while, but are they just another fad product we don’t really need (we’re looking at you, so-called ‘split-end sealers’)? We reached out to London hair and scalp specialist, Dr Sharon Wong, for her verdict on whether adding a scrub to your hair routine is worth it. Read more at

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