LISTEN HAIR These are the six things you need to do NOW to prevent hair loss

Leading scalp expert Dr Sharon Wong shares her tips on how to stop thinning hair

THINNING hair is a common problem among women, especially as they get older.

Even celebrities like Kristin Davis suffer and Nadia Sawalha recently broke down as she spoke out about hair loss.

But whatever your age, the key to keeping those luscious locks is looking after them, and yourself, at all times. Help is at hand from hair and scalp specialist Dr Sharon Wong.The London-based dermatologist, who treats a wide range of skin and scalp problems, gave The Sun Online her six top tips on preventing hair loss and keeping damage to a minimum.

Keep it Simple

There are many myths and forever-changing trends regarding hair care which can get very confusing and complicated.The bottom line is shampooing is important to remove dirt, grease and dead skin cells from the scalp and hair, and conditioning your hair after shampooing nourishes the fibres. Incorporate a weekly deep condition/hair mask treatment especially if you dye or style your hair regularly.How frequently you wash depends on your hair and scalp type - there is no one size fits all. Indeed if you have dry scalp you can easily worsen dandruff, flaking and dermatitis by over washing your hair...

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